Are candidates ghosting you?

Greg Savage – The Savage Truth


So, candidates are ghosting you, letting you down, reneging on meetings, accepting counter-offers and a wide range of other behaviours that you ‘don’t understand’.

The reasons are easy to decipher, but that is not what this post is about.


Greg Savage talks about what to do about it!


Greg says, firstly, do not make any assumptions.

Ask in every conversation, ‘has anything changed?’

Zoom or not, get closer to candidates than ever before.

Secondly, and this is the ‘secret sauce’.







Constant, Continuous, Courteous, Candidate Feedback

Remember, no news is news to the candidate, and if the candidate calls you for an update, you left it too long.

Start to deliver that level of engagement consistently, and your ‘shock and disappointment’ will wane.

You can view Greg Savage – The Savage Truth – here, including 20 hours of video learning for Recruiters, Billing Managers and Owners.