Don’t get us wrong, we love a good laugh in the office, and working in recruitment, some job application emails give us that laugh, right around 3pm when its needed the most – but will it get you the job??

Is your email address holding you back? Is it the very reason you aren’t hearing back from recruiters regarding your applications?

There is one very simple rule here; Do not included anything other than a less than professional email account/address. Make a new one. It literally takes minutes and is free!

Let’s go through what a professional email vs an unprofessional email address might look like.

– Your email address is an impression of you

– A professional email does not imply anything other than your name

– An unprofessional email is usually 1. Cute 2. Funny 3. Offensive *avoid politics, religion, and personal interests.


Here’s a look at some great examples of professional email addresses.


It would be offensive of me to include some of the examples we have recently received in this office, so I searched the internet for some other great examples of what not to do, and why they won’t get you the job. – implies you go out partying all weekend, you’d want to never have to call in sick on a Monday. – what man doesn’t love fishing? It’s irrelevant. And so is the fact you like the number 69. 69 – never use it, ever. – this is one of the nicer examples of using sexual references. Just don’t. – No one cares that you love cats. Especially if you are also using your age here, a 43 year old cat lover, no thank you. – try and be a little humble. Are you really too hot for words? I doubt it. Also, not a great idea to use numbers. – again, one of the nicer examples of using sexual references. Please refer to above rule. – never use a space or underscore, they look like the same thing when underlined and can be very confusing. But is it really the underscore that stands out here?