You know you need to reward outstanding employees!!!

Sometimes there just isn’t enough money in the budget to give your well-deserving employees the raise or promotion they deserve. It’s best to be honest in these situations rather than leave your employees feeling cheated or doubtful of their own performance.

Happy employees are more creative and productive and lee likely to quit. Saying “thank you” is a simple but effective way to show your appreciation and can go a long way!

We have put together a list of way to say thank you and make them feel appreciated.

  1. A vacation day – on top of their usual annual leave. What a great surprise!
  2. Vouchers or discounts – is there a favourite lunch or coffee place downstairs?
  3. Give them a new and improved job title or let them choose their own.
  4. Offer training – in areas they would love to upskill in.
  5. Take them out for lunch or dinner – or even better, give them a full experience that they’ll remember.
  6. Write a letter of thanks – handwritten adds that extra special personal touch
  7. Upgrade their desk space and/or work environment
  8. Provide one on one mentoring
  9. Offer flexible working hours, or support their health and well-being
  10. Offer more work benefits and/or amenities – time to get that coffee machine!
  11. Can’t go wrong with a hamper – well-being hamper, relaxation hamper etc..

The trick is to recognise and reward employees frequently. Here are another 121 suggestions so you never run out of ideas. While you are there, check out the hampers!

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