Mid-year can be difficult for a lot of workplaces due to boredom. Learn how to motivate your employees and keep them feeling fresh!

With a rise in global uncertainty due to new work/social rules and more lockdown procedures, motivation is becoming an increasingly difficult concept to overcome.

As we reach the halfway point in the year, you may be seeing signs of your team starting to fade. It could be the result of finishing the previous year on a high, or a big push at the start of the current year, but it’s likely an indication that they’re not working at peak productivity levels. So, how do you get them back up to speed?

Employee engagement is critical to creating a workplace that employees want to be a part of. It can lead to numerous benefits for employees, including increased productivity, improved company reputation, and decreased stress and burnout.

Employers that recognize employee rewards – such as a better work-life balance, opportunities for development, and the possibility of permanent employment – are more successful at attracting and retaining talent than those who do not.

Workers are primarily engaged by:

Positive and fun work cultures – 54%

Wage incentives – 52%

Employee rewards – 45%

An employer that shows an interest in you – 42%

A community built through social events, group training and team building exercises – 45%

The engagement plan that has a mix of new and existing activities will make it easier to engage staff. How will you engage your staff for the remainder of 2021?