Making your company stand out to job seekers can be challenging, particularly if you haven’t spent millions of dollars becoming a household name. Here are some simple ways to make sure yours is a company that job seekers want to work for.


  1. Invest in a good LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn continues to be an important platform for job seekers and if you’re advertising, job seekers will be checking out your company profile. Make the effort to fill out all the available sections, include photos and news, and encourage staff to connect to your business page.


  1. Give information about your goals

Good employees like to feel like what they’re doing is part of a greater goal. If you have plans for growth that you can share in your company description, it’s worthwhile to do so.


  1. Be authentic

Try not to sound too generic or corporate as it can be off-putting. Instead, use “real-life” language that conveys your company’s personality and gives a sense that your company is a welcoming place to work.

  1. List the perks

If you have anything that can help set you apart from other companies, be sure to include it in your ads and LinkedIn profile. Perks such as flexible working options and freebies are highly regarded.

  1. Talk about the culture

With people spending more time at work, culture is becoming a deciding factor when applying for roles. Be sure to give prospective employees an idea of what it would be like working in your company to give them an idea whether it’s the kind of culture they’d thrive in.