Recruiters exist to help job hunters be matched with job opportunities. They want to make sure you’ll not only fit in well but thrive in your new role so when they’re looking to place people, they look at a variety of factors, including your location.

Location is important to recruiters as they don’t want to place people in roles that are too far to travel or hard to access without personal transport. Recruiters also understand that travelling multiple hours a day can be tiring and a leading cause of why people leave their job.

Location is also a contributing factor when it’s a requirement of the role to live nearby if you need to be on-call or need flexible working conditions.

If a job you’re interested in doesn’t include the location in the job ad, reach out to the recruitment company and find out in case it effects whether you apply, and if you do decide to apply for a role, make sure you’ve considered the travel time and means first.